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Whimsical Wallpaper

Bring on the glam with this whimsical wallpaper. A blank wall that was once a spot to fill with artwork, has now become a blank canvas in itself as the rise in wallpaper use has brought a whole new world of glam to interiors. We are seeing less plain white walls and more bold statements with pattern and color. The stunning marbled pattern of these walls makes this laundry room not only a space for household chores, but a display of our client's chic style and bold personality.

While wallpaper is not necessarily a new concept in the world of design, the application of interesting and unique artwork has taken off through the latest technologies in digital printing. Wallpaper can be intimidating for many of our clients to select. However, with our help, selecting the right pattern and material for the walls in a space can take a space to the next level of fabulous.

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