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So for those of us of a certain age or a certain natural hair proclivity... This quarantine will soon have us going back to our hair of origin.. while I am sorely tempted to pick up box coloring the next time I venture forth in my Hazmat suit to the grocery store ... I probably will pass..

One) My hairdresser of twenty years will kill me

Two) I failed Chemistry which will more than likely leave me with broken locks at the grey line and ultimately render me looking like a hard core Billy Idol fan.

Now I probably could pull it off but I don’t think it would suit me at this stage of my life.. first off I’ve done it before.

Now it took awhile to dig up this picture, but here I am as a disgruntled teenager....looking like all disgruntled teenagers, aggravated at the universe..

When I came home from Uni my Mother was mortified and immediately called my Nan to complain... to which my fabulous Nan said in her broad Gloucester Accent  “Oooh I did that once... and your Father said I looked like a French tart...”

So on that note I think I’ll just leave it alone....after all the only people seeing me right now are my clients and vendors on Zoom and that’s a bit grainy and if all else fails I can wear a hat... god knows I have enough of them...

So enjoy the ‘aux naturelle’ while you can... and if you do go down the rabbit hole of an at home potential chemistry disaster... Call me I’ll lend you a hat......

Grey is the new blonde


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