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Trends in the interior design market place change as quickly as clothing styles.. which is why I steer my clients away from them... As quickly as possible...

I always start from a classic stand point... my clients are entrusting substantial budgets to my care, so I won’t give them something that is trendy and will date in a couple of years.. I also pride myself on designing a unique interior, specific to my client and under no circumstance will I repeat the design. It is so important to design based on the understanding that a good interior should last 10-15 years... and that when you do go back to freshen up the are typically only refreshing the fabrics and the lighting.

When I’m hired to re do a complete house, it is typically because a client went all out with a trend 15 years ago and now are sick of it...

So what is classic ?

....a good base to start with are a few key antique pieces. Chests are always a great place to start... they are smaller and are easier to move around.... keep your main upholstery to clean shapes... I tend to favor styles that you can track from British design... they look good in either neutrals or patterns... a softened arms, a turned leg... great stitch details or a change in cushioning can adjust the look very easily. Buy the best art you can afford... they will be with you for the life of your housing and just get moved around... of course if decorative art is a better fit for the budget I still select something that is impactful. No matter what you choose... buy what you love... and enjoy the process.. To good design


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