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As a designer and retail shop owner, I spend a good deal of time re-searching trends in the market place and then of course I completely buck them and design and buy what I like.... I think that is what makes my designs and the shop successful.

So each season I trudge to the Markets to visit the vendors whose product I love... look for new sources and get my buying done for the year.. I have long ago lost the assistance of certain LAM team members when one year, I spent two hours deciding the merits of several owl ornaments... Christmas decor buyout in January....need I say more.. yes we do buy Christmas in January for the following winter season and yes I do take my ornament buying seriously... nobody wants a goggly eyed Owl who looks Demented.

So a week of looking, taking notes, planning, buying... multiple evenings sitting in the hotel bar drinking martinis... trust me you need them strong to counter the sore feet... aching back... and bloat from eating ALL the candy in the showrooms... All for the love of design.. the love of the hunt....

After 20 years in the business I’ve made good friends.. watched companies grow and become amazing.. watched some fade with recession... and as exhausting as market can be I’m always excited to go. So come by the store when you’re out and about... come see the world through my eyes... you may find the same joy in the items I pick... you may be inspired to try something new... Happy Hunting


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