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I recently completed a gorgeous master bath renovation which involves removing a giant jacuzzi tub... you know the kind.. jets... bubbles....side walls...looks like a mini pool... and it’s tiny little plastic insert of a shower next door...

Now I would like someone to explain to me why, when our daily shower is ingrained in us as sparkly clean Americans that those two elements should be so out of proportion.. incoming sledge hammer.

In this particular Reno my clients opted to not replace the tub, although as a good steward of design I recommended that we lay out the bathroom with the option of putting a free standing tub back in if they change their minds. So the plumbing was relocated in the wall and capped of with access via a panel in the room behind the bathroom... problem solved....

The question was asked once I posted the pictures... here’s my thought. If you plan on being in a house more than 7 years make it what you love.. that is the one pleasure of being in the same house long term... make it unique to you and how you live.... don’t worry about the trends, they come and go... our homes are where our lives play out.. So if you are not interested in sitting in your own sudsy water.. nix the tub... if you are partial to a good soak then make it central to the design... either way make it yours...

Dreaming of designs to come.


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