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As an expat living in the US, I am asked about what on earth is going on with these two as if somehow my faded southernized English accent makes me ‘in the know’

...sorry Darlings... I’m not...

but I do know this...being the Spare in the English Royal family has never been an easy role.. look at Princess Margaret, the current Queens sister, a life fraught with obscurity.. or the siblings of Prince Charles.. Randy Andy... say no more.....trying to find a meaningful role in an institution that goes back thousands of years... bit tricky apparently.. unlike the rest of us... they cannot earn a living outside of the family if they receive money from the Sovereign’s Grant. If they do try to be independent they get all kinds of chastisement and criticisms from the newspapers and the public.. the UK is alive and well with the cynicism and begrudged of the tabloids.

My opinion...leave the kids alone. Let them live in Canada, earn a living, do great work for their charities and if the old institution of the British Royal family need them to show up occasionally.. fine.. seams a bit silly since they have a reigning monarch and three additional heirs... one of which is as popular as his brother and whose wife and children are adored by the British public...

So shame on the tabloids for blowing this story out of proportion..

So that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.. now onto more important things... morning tea.. I fancy a pot of Earl Grey and a crumpet.. extra butter and Lyons syrup... yes please.

Toodle Pip


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