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It’s been 21 years since I moved my family into this little house in Matthews and began to create a home and garden that at times has been my sanctuary but especially my creative laboratory for the ever changing interest of a designer with wanderlust taste.

I have traveled far and wide and managed to drag home all nature of curiosities. My tastes are broad and some may say Eccentric... the layers of my life, interest, travel, loves and losses all wound up in the collections in my house.

The inlaid turn of the century boxes that I bought in Morocco, the 18th century massive French mirror whose crate still lives in my warehouse that I bought in the South of France 25 plus years ago... of course there is Cyril

the peacock who adorns my dining room with his richly hued plumes....and the large Buddha who holds court in a bay window overlooking the garden... brought

him home strapped into the front seat of my car... HOV Lane all the way... what.. technically there were two of us....The 17 th century Dutch lace given to me 30 years ago by an elderly antique dealer who set up across from me at an antique fair and who became a great mentor and friend... I have it preserved in a shadow box... everywhere I look there are mementos of a life full of curiosity.... a curated interior designed with a magpie eye...

If ever I really loose my marbles... my hope is that I can live in the memory of the experiences... reminders helped along by the patina of items collected over time...

Wishing you happy hunting


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