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Living in the Southern States gives us extra months of out door living.... while our Northern brethren are forced indoors by chilly evenings and early snow flakes, we are still enjoying the pleasure of barbecues and good company well into October.

The porch has become synonymous with gentle living... large over size, comfortable chairs and ottomans call your name after a long day.. and with the days getting longer there is no excuse to not get out there.

I am currently in the middle of reworking my porch... I replaced the old 1940’s deep wicker sofa... it became an over size dog chew...ugh... the new one hopefully is more dog resistant and replaced two smaller wicker chairs with oversize metal club chairs and ottomans.. I’ve pulled the peacock blue... my favorite, out to the porch and am working on all the the side pieces now.... I can’t wait to get it done.

When I moved into my home it had a steep stair from the back door going out to a wooded yard.... so I immediately set out to design a garage with a porch connecting it to the house.

It has become a wonderful spot, perfect for quiet evenings or rowdy parties.

It also works perfectly for over flow traffic and to set up an amazing bar, on a crusty old side board...great flea market find... with an enameled sink in it... I fill it with ice and cold beer, white wine and champagne and set up everything else around it.

The best part is the giant sofa that works as a perfect, sticky afternoon Snoozing spot.. of course I have to fight the dogs for it..

If there is one thing that any good Southern House should have it’s a great porch... it gives that extra room to the house and really is a wonderful addition. I highly recommend the effort. If you already have an existing porch get out there, re-arrange, add some new pillows and a few hanging ferns... set up a rolling bar cart... add some big pillar candles and enjoy a pleasant evening filled with soft music, the clink of ice in a crystal glass and the soft glow of candle light...

Enjoy the Spring


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