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I distantly recall the first piece of Art I wanted to buy for my self. It was a lovely etching from the 1920’s of three woman in cloche hats. I remember being out bid and being very disappointed at the loss.. but it peaked an interest.

My first real job was working in an Auction company.. my job was checking in inventory and writing catalogues... it was an amazing learning experience and began a life long love of all things old.. it honed my eye and created the magpie I have become...

I have a particular penchant for 18th and early 19th century dog paintings.. I know go figure... in the early days I collected all breeds but as time went on I became partial to Terriers... I particularly love the ones that show them in action.. I probably have more dog paintings than photos of my children.. Sorry Chickens... as my daughter lovingly points out.. Mummy you are a bag of nuts...

I am also partial to English transfer-ware.. I salivate over the brown and cream and the really light blue... I’ve also become enamored with the purple but can rarely find it... probably a good thing.... my house is stuffed.. Which is why I have a shop, a mountain house and a large storage unit... don’t judge...My Interior Design Clients benefit from the fact I cannot cram anything else in my house... unless it’s an upgrade, at which point said item is dispatched to the studio.

Collecting is a way of life. It has built a lifestyle brand and a design aesthetic that my clients and shoppers appreciate. The stories that go behind each piece add to it’s mystery.. they are stories I want to know and to pass on to my clients.

The best part is that to this day, after the better part of 30 years I never tire of the hunt... I always get excited when I go for a mooch... you just never know what you are going to find....

Happy Hunting


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