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I’m not sure why the daily cup of tea is so ingrained in my habits but it is a ritual that I keep religiously... in fact if I don’t get that morning “cuppa” I’m out of sorts for the rest of the day.

In a culture where coffee has taken over the world

in its ever increasing frappy,happy, frothy, bank breaking variety, a simple pot of Tea in it’s rich dark English variety will happily stain any cup or set of pearly whites with as much gusto as it’s posh cousin.

From two opposite sides of the world, cultures have managed to figure out how to grow, pick, dry or roast one of mother nature’s wonders and turn it into a welcoming hot drink....Hot only please.. I cannot handle the sickly, sweet, cold variety so popular in our southern States. When I first moved to North Carolina from the UK I was gob smacked.. I couldn’t figure out a) why you ruin a perfectly good cup of tea and b) how on earth do you drink it cold.... well I have to confess that over the years I have come to appreciate the cooling nature of sweet iced tea in the blazing heat of a southern summer day... but only when it’s mixed with lemonade or Bourbon.

The cup of tea is the great neutralizer in my home...wether we are talking through a disagreement, comforting Child 1 or 2, laughing with a friend or just waking up to the morning... it is ever present.

So next time you are at the grocery store go past the Coffee section and onto the tea... buy a few varieties and start an afternoon tradition... stop, brew and breath.... I think you’ll like it..

Enjoy your Cuppa


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