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The trek through the stone yards is one I look forward to multiple times a year. Every new project is an opportunity to create that unique and personalized space for my client. What is amazing is the variety of material that is available and what is even more interesting is the reaction that clients have to certain materials.

I had a client this year whose house we were gutting, she had come to me, plans in hand with the firm statement that she wanted a white kitchen and grey and white quartz counters... OK Chicken.... until we went to the stone yards....😂😂

After looking at rows of grey and white quartz without getting much of a reaction we wandered past the dolomite section( which I had already peruses) and all of a sudden the spark went off... oh this is gorgeous...what is it.... can we do this... and the answer is yes.. yes...yes

And so friends this beauty was born

Once the slabs were selected the kitchen evolved into this beautiful modern combination of stain and off white and pale sea blue...

Lesson to all...what you pin on Pinterest may not be what you really want.. be brave with your choices because in the end the opportunity to build or renovate your space allows you to be unique and true to your own personality and a good designer will help you co- ordinate your design so that all the details are thought out.

Leading the cavalry charge...


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