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So here’s one we didn’t see coming.. a pandemic with massive over reaching consequences... from health to economics...

so what do we do...

My office is all working from home with the exception of our Monday Morning project meeting... Unfortunately the store still remains closed due to the impact of the Tornado that came through in early February. It all feels chaotic at the moment...

So what to do... well yesterday I spend the day cuddled up on the couch with the rascals... could do that again today but at some point my butt muscles may atrophy and melt into the sofa... so I think I better get moving... I’m thinking this is a perfect time to catch up on all those projects around the house that I’ve put off.

Clean out the freezer of all those frozen leftovers whose undocumented time stamp may leave me feeling worse than getting this blasted virus 🤢but at least it will be emptied and ready for all the summer fruits and veggies I like to freeze.

Also may be time to give the garden a bit of a clean up.. and clean out my winter pots whose happy little pansies are now beginning to look worse for ware and plant a few early crops of veggies... Of course there is always my closet to clean out... which could possibly happen even though I’ve been avoiding it for years.... Not kidding... I keep thinking I’m going to loose 20 lbs and fit into my skinny clothes.. hey we can all live in hope. So here is to keeping us all safe... and getting back to normal times sooner than later... Keeping calm in Matthews


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