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We are less than a week away from Thanksgiving and I am always reminded to slow down for a split second and remember what I am trying to achieve... really simply put... a relaxing day with my family and friends... so given that I am the control freak Mother of all things I have to force myself to complete things at a reasonable pace...

Here are a few a head of time items that help.

  • Order Heritage turkey in the summer from favorite farmer at the farmers market ✅

  • Pick up two weeks before Thanksgiving ✅

  • Don’t forget to pull it out on Sunday before so it thaws... don’t laugh I have forgotten to do that... ugh ham served that year.

  • Make a run to World market for stock up and family pressies of the English Sweetie variety plus cute ornaments for all my nieces and nephews ✅

  • Mail all out of town Christmas goodies right after Thanksgiving

  • Hire Burly muscles to get Christmas stuff out of the attic... saves on the grumpy disposition of male family members... less pudding for them this year.✅

  • Set up Christmas village weekend before Thanksgiving... I’ve already stocked up on Bailey’s, heavy whipping cream and eggnog for the occasion ✅

  • Set table over the weekend.Come up with a few good meals ahead of time and freeze.. I usually do this in the Fall... then I have meals covered before and after Thanksgiving when I’m shot and can’t get my backside off the couch.✅

  • Order your flower arrangements and have them delivered on Tuesday... that gives them time to open up and look stunning... or just get a few small pumpkins or Gordes at the grocery store and nestle them around candle sticks on the table... simple and inexpensive.✅

  • Bribe college age son to polish silver... if you don’t have one you can borrow mine...

  • If all else fails and it’s a total shambles go to the liquor store and stock up... they have rolling carts....✅✅✅

  • Wishing everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving.✅


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