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Modern bathroom of your dreams

The pinnacle of luxury and comfort in a home, for us, comes down to two spaces: the kitchen and the bathroom. Four blank walls in a living room or bedroom can be painted and filled with furniture to bring it to the desired level of luxury. However, the kitchen and bathrooms of a home require built-in features that can make or break the grandeur of a space. We have compiled a list of essential elements we consider in each of our bathroom projects.

Pattern and Texture: The bathroom is where our tile setters spend the majority of their time in the renovation and building process. Here we make use of tile and its endless combinations of pattern and texture from floor to ceiling. Often, we contrast small scale tile patterns on the walls and shower with larger sized tile on the floor (and visa versa) as shown in the photo above. Pair this with a fabulous granite piece for the vanity and we have a great baseline to continue creating the modern bathroom of your dreams.

Lighting: When relaxing in the bath or doing your morning makeup routine, the ambience surrounding you is key. If you have little natural light in the space, we choose light fixtures that provide an optimal amount of light, always including a dimming feature for the evenings you want to soak in the tub and sip wine.

Finishes: From drawer cabinet pulls to faucets, these details are an important piece of the puzzle we call your master bath. The vendors we work with who supply the finishes have been vetted by us and are of the highest quality.

The list goes on.. and if you are reading this and thinking "Wow! This seems overwhelming for just one small room in my entire unfinished home.." You are not alone! Many of our clients think the same thing before starting with us and end with the final reveal so thankful to leave the details to us. Ready to get started and allow us to create a modern luxurious space for you and your loved ones? email today!


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