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LAM Style - Kitchen Island or skating ring...

I find that clients often times don’t know what to do with these spaces…. the most notorious is the land boat kitchen islands that are so popular now a days.. What do you do to create balance and layering on the top of your new skating ring/kitchen Island?

I first assess where the functionality needs to happen. There is nothing worse than having to move ten things just to cut veggies. I love long bread boards even better on feet.. I’m constantly looking for them when I shop for the store… if they are long and narrow they don’t have to be moved and you can fill them with wonderful glass containers full oils, cookies, sweets, nuts... the more the merrier.. I love unusually shaped glass containers they reflect light and create great texture with their contents.. you can find these pretty cheap at antique malls and if that grosses you out, try any number of big box stores, you’d be surprised what you can find…. Next rule of thumb and this will send your OCD into over drive… mix them two should be the same…. Are you sweating yet….A great cake stand is the perfect addition... remember different heights…. Add a tall vase and fill it with spring Cherry blossom branches... there are always loads of these blooming all over the place, but try not to get arrested procuring said branches..

My clients own stashes of goodies are also a great starting point... many times I’ll relocate items from other parts of the house and give them a new view point by adding them into the kitchen decor. My recent favorite was locating a concrete peacock to one side of a client’s Kitchen island... with considerable effort and Wonder Woman bicep curls we hoisted him up on the counter and with a little flair, added a string of colored glass beads, a wooden carved base and a fiddle fern and an island that looked out of proportion suddenly connected with the rest of the room.

Get creative...don’t be afraid to try mixing and matching and if all else fails call me and I’ll come rearrange half the house....


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