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I was listening to RTE One this morning and heard an interesting interview as to how to manage the current state of affairs...

The words Bloody Stupid and all out war were bantered around by the older gentleman being interviewed but more important was the crux of the interview which was...supporting vulnerable people that are self isolating because their lives depend on it.. those that cannot leave the safety of their homes even for a walk or to go to the grocery store...

We all know people, neighbors, family members who are vulnerable due to age or health conditions... the idea of making a daily phone call or FaceTime if available, perhaps make a hot meal and leave it at the door, offer to go to the grocery store or pharmacy. All of these simple courtesies that a generation ago were normal daily considerations are making a comeback and the forced slow down of our busy way of life may actually make us better stewards of our neighbors and our world... the measures taken world wide are making all of us take stock in what we think we are due, what we need, what we can do without.... I’ve always believe in the base goodness of humanity that presents itself when the S_ _T hits the fan. I’ve seen it over and over again over my life time and I do believe we will see it again in these difficult times.

The use of the word Cocoon denotes a much friendly connotation than Self Isolation... it is the very thing that will allow us to settle our selves to the new norm.... especially since we have no idea how long this will go on for..

As my own family Cocoon themselves I am checking in more often... communication between the European, South African and US branches of our family are in continuous chatter as time zones become irrelevant. I have family in Italy, France, England and friends in as many places... we use humor, the typical slagging off that is offensive in certain cultures but such a part of mine is used liberally... and leaves us all roaring .....even the person whose expense we are having a laugh at.... So I’ll leave you with this.... connect by modern technology, check on your neighbors, offer to make meals, plant flower pots or veggie pots for someone that doesn’t have a garden, keep in touch with your family and friends... be kind to yourself... by bringing a smile to someone else you shine a little happy sunbeam on yourself... So carry on... I’m making Salsa...


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