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I have spent the last 6 years manufacturing my own upholstery for all my projects whether commercial or residential. It began as a cost control exercise and turned into a process that I have come to love.

This spring we will launch a new collection at High Point Market, it is my first foray into the vendor end of the business and my first exploration into designing a collection for the open market vs specific projects. I have had to ask myself what inspires me personally, what do I believe in as to the quality of my product, what is my price point, who is my market, I have had to listen to the naysayers who want to remind me just how many upholstery lines there are out there... yes I do get it... but here’s what I know... I can go into endless show rooms of upholstery but very rarely do I stop in my tracks because most lines all blend together.

I’m after something more.

A product that has a distinct style.. A brand that I want to be recognizable... there are a few out there... and you know the ones I’m talking about... to be unique in an industry of many is a labor of Love, a clear style of what you as Designer want to see produced and an endless understanding of how the components all fit together.

So wish me luck and keep your eyes peeled for the exciting new launch... Heading to the Studio,


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