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How fast can you design a house

So far start to almost finished 4 weeks... sleepless nights, heart palpitations, stress eating, and drinking lots of adult juice boxes... I’ve lost it... so why you may ask yourself? ...what the F ?

Remember that Pile in the country I mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Well I couldn’t help it, I went back in... only this time it’s a salvage and new construction house...ahhhhh.....ahhhh.... yes I’ve lost it.


Floor plans ✅

Elevations ✅

Window and door schedule✅

Exterior material selection✅

Interior material selections✅

Plumbing fixtures ✅


Kitchen, Mudroom, Pantry designed✅

Tile all bathrooms ✅

Light fixture.... still working on it.... running out of steam... must push through.....

I always knew I would build a house from scratch for myself but somehow I didn’t imagine it would be at break neck speed..... I had visions of spending months working through the details of every nook and cranny, pulling all my design ideas together, gathered over a long career designing my clients houses, sipping afternoon tea with a pencil in hand...Not going into full Wonder Woman speed.. no costumes were harmed in the making of this house... although I can’t say the same for my liver...

So note to everyone out there.. if your going to build a house

  1. Have your plans done before you go to the bank

  2. You may want to not roll together your land and construction loan

  3. Start priming your liver... you’re gonna need it

  4. Book your plastic surgery facelift... you’ll definitely need it from scrunching your face off as you work through plans and budgets.

As I get past this sprint to closing in 45 days... what was I thinking... I’ll fill you in on the “Slowed down” process 🆚 “ Lunatic mode”

Till then, happy trails.

❤️ Lorraine


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