Do you have morning routines? You know the habits that start your day with a comfortable familiarity.

At this stage of my life my children are grown and have pretty much fled the nest and so my mornings are no longer the harried bundling of breakfast, teeth brushing, “No you cannot wear that to school” bus catching or driving that mail box... that’s reverse.. (I still haven’t fully recovered from the teenage years) and bless you if you are still in it... cherish it because it goes much more quickly than you realize...

I, on the other hand, wake up my sleepy doggy babies...

each one has their own pace... Marley being the youngest leaps up with the joys of spring and rushes to the door snarling and growling at any one who tries to get in front of her.... Bosco my teenager averts his eyes and takes his sweet time... and Winnie the old man of the group has to be gently woken as his hearing is starting to go... once all that is done I water, feed and put the kettle on... time for tea... it’s an English habit I have never changed... it’s so ingrained in my habit that I even travel with my own tea bags.... I’m not kidding..... and get very cranky when boiling water is not available... Wishing everyone a wonderful day...


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