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Design & Dogs…. The Battle is REAL..

As a dog lover, I have learned over the years, that as much as I would love to have a house that looks like a magazine shoot... having badly behaved Jack Russells means there is no chance that this is ever going to happen....barring hell freezing over.

So besides the endless battle with the dog hair, the over development of my right arm muscles from vacuuming every day… and the obsession with pretty washable quilts that I cover my upholstery with….There have recently been “incidents“ well actually these “incidents “ have apparently been happening for a considerable time, I didn’t realize it... please no raised eyebrows.. The little Angels have been targeting my dinning room which rarely gets any use...also the French Boule chest, right front leg, in the entry hall...I’m just not quite sure how the Pee got under the chest and not in front of it... either way the veneer started to peel off and the brass foot changed color which is what alerted me to the issue... once I got down on all fours I could see the damage to the floor... ugh.... which led me to pulling up all my antique Persian rugs... great stain maskers by the way.... disaster... wood floors clearly showed where the little Loves have been relieving themselves.... so after the rugs were sent off for a good scrub..... Mr. O came up with a dastardly plan to catch which ever little Bugger is the culprit.... wait for it... Night Vision Pee Cam... oh I am not kidding...this is serious business….

So the first few nights showed nothing.. we were convinced they were on to us…. And then low and behold the one dog who we both thought would never be the Midnight Pisser…..was caught cocking his short little leg on the corner of the drape next to the piano…. Busted…. Bosco….. unbelievable... bold as brass…. Now I understand how the Pee got under the chest.. Bosco is a shortie Jack ….. his bits are closer to the ground… So after lots of spray and deodorizer.. We have now renamed Bosco as “Big Willie the Midnight Pisser”.......

All that being said.. I design for durability… but even the best laid plans can be challenged especially if you have a “ Big Willie” Stalking your furniture legs...So best to not get too aggravated, they just give you that side ways glance anyway…. So keep Soda water, Rags and Baby wipes available and a good doggie deodorizer…. Especially if you don’t want to become a participant in one of those bizarre reality TV shows…..

Keeping it Real


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