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I just got back from an amazing trip to Spain and Morocco and found myself in complete awe of the ceilings and floors.. I have the cricked neck to prove it...

So a massage booked and a bottle of ibuprofen later I began the daunting task of editing my 100,000 pictures I took... I won’t bore you with all of them but I will share a few amazing images of herringbone flooring.

Wether the patterns were created in hand made narrow bricks or brightly colored glazed tiles, the idea that I stood on patterns that artisans had created thousands of years ago did not escape me and while we as designers use these patterns on back splashes and shower walls, the longing to go for a whole driveway stirred in my little mad brain... question is which client will be brave enough to go for it.😂😂😂

Well if no driveways come my way I can console myself with the ever changing opportunity of a sassy kitchen back splash or a gorgeous bathroom...

The wonderful aspect of using a herringbone pattern is the endless combinations and directions that it can be used. For instance above is what we call a straight herringbone the next images is a more traditional layout sassed up with alternating colors... those crazy Moores

Thank you Moorish artisans for your contribution to the world

Taa taa for now till the next ramblings


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