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Creating a space that fits YOU

The area that gets the most traffic in your home is the kitchen. Whether it is members of your household grabbing a snack from the pantry or guests coming over for a dinner party, it is important for the kitchen to look and feel like YOUR home and reflect not only your style but the way you live. For this reason, not one of our kitchen builds or remodels are the same. Each one is tailor made specific to our clients needs.

While we coordinate the finishes and paint colors that we know will work together, our clients taste and personality is always the deciding factor in a decision.

To go further in customizing our clients' space to fit their needs and aesthetic, we often like to make use of existing items and decor. Whether it is a piece of pottery given to you by a family member or your favorite well-worn wooden cutting board, we always make a priority to put on display the items that tell the story of you and your family.

We take pride in creating a space that reflects our clients along with using our years of expertise in design.


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