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We have been through a period of neutrality over the last few years.

They present on everything from tile to fabrics to wall paper... kitchens are washed out in white and grey... bathrooms illuminate in pearl and white... family rooms enveloped in creams and textures... and while I love the play and ease of these tones and certainly never met a slubby Belgian Linen I didn’t like.. I long for color to return.

The Pantone color for this year is the constant....deep blue... another classic that never dates... but I miss the jewel boxes of the 80’s... rooms filled with the vibrancy of pattern and color... odes to the classics English interiors filled with chintz and silks... Reminders of the classic British houses I remember as a child...

My color fix comes in my commercial designs.. modern spaces with comfortable spots to relax.. bright pops and an interplay of patterns on materials. I go for a slightly industrial look but the color is always present in some form or fashion.

So here’s to color.. don’t be afraid to bring a little in... blue, green, turquoise and play a little... you never know you might get inspired to go all out... 😳😂😂😂

Dreaming of green


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