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Luxury interiors require more than just a coat of paint and a few new pieces of furniture. The color, texture, shapes and floor plan create the overall feel of a room and home. At LAM Studios, the colors we select have a vast amount of thought and intention behind them. From paint to fabric to the grain in wood flooring, we believe color has the one of the largest impacts on a space. The science behind color theory paves the way for our color selections for our clients. We listen and then interpret and expand on our clients preferences. The reveal is always met with a “Oh you were so right about that color” Lately we have been loving “ Hazy Fern” it’s a blue green mix that perfectly defines the new trend towards color but still keeps the elegant restraint of a luxury interior. I’m using it throughout my new home as you can see in the design board that I’m working on.

What colors have you been loving lately?

Let us guide you on your journey to creating your dream home that fits you, your lifestyle, and personality. Email us at:


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