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Bosco came to us 5 years ago, a Jack Russell of dubious origins... full of if getting lost, being half starved and heart worm positive was the best thing in the world... landed in my lap... and with a big lick across the chops stole my heart.

Teresa from Raintree Jack Russell Rescue who is an absolute Saint to any stray of the Jack Russell variety laughed and said “well I guess that’s it.. he’s picked you” and so it goes.. Jack Russell are a unique breed. Full of boldness, they are endlessly energetic, always self confident, even in the most dire of circumstance... German Shepards or Great Danes don’t stand a chance... and frankly hysterical in their antics... they are like naughty children when you are trying so hard not to laugh in order to make the punishment count and yet on the inside the tears are rolling down your checks and your stomach is about to burst from the belly laugh that is gaining steam within.

Bosco is that particular dog who is far more intelligent than he should be.. he’s a horrid thief... an endless scavenger. He once stole an entire tray of biscuits that were cooling.. got up on the kitchen counter...still haven’t figured that one out, but think it may have had something to do with bionic butt muscles.... and then as if that wasn’t bad enough he hid them all over the house... for weeks we found them stuffed under pillows in chairs and sofas.. and the best was stuffed between the multiple rows of fancy pillows on my bed somewhere between row 2 and 3. He was busted trying to retrieve those... He is also particularly sensitive and is easily offended if you laugh at him... plaid rain coat and matching booties... enough said... He is tenacious about his daily walks and will harass the hell out of you if you don’t take him when he wants to go.. and no he doesn’t care if you just sat down to a cup of tea and a bit of cake.. well he may pause to glare at you from 6” away in the hope that his hypnotizing stare will make you drop your cake. And yet with all his antics he is the most loving and protective dog I’ve ever known. He is never far away... he dominates his position on your lap, guards you when you are sick and always keeps an eye on you for clues as to what the next adventure is.

So, rescue, don’t buy and enjoy the fun .


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