So here’s a new irritation that I’ve recently become aware of. As an interior designer working in the era of remote technology I have suddenly become aware that my perception of aging well have been dashed... Zoom calls are not my friend...

When the hell did I turn into a turtle... not sure what set it off... The round glasses or the fact that while the rest of my body is turning into a Rubenesque painting, my neck is turning into a sinewy stalk... ugh 😩


what is this Interior Designer to do... well since plastic surgery is currently out of the question I may come up with some part mask, part scarf combos made out of designer fabric... except for that doesn’t take care of the crater that my forehead is turning into.... where can I get a Botox fix... you think I’m kidding... the Grand Canyon is now cleaving it’s way between my eyebrows and heading upwards towards my hair line... not sure Scallemandre can cover that up... ooh could go for a bit of decoupage... could be interesting but I’m afraid this would be an even worse Shambles than the current state of my face...

So I have finally hit on the solution... all conference calls will be filmed from the nose up... therefore avoiding said scrawny neck and making me appear larger than life and like I’m physically shouting......

Keeping it real


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