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There isn’t a day that goes by that the morning news isn’t filled with the affects of the human race... beyond the advent of the Industrial Age, we pretty much have made a balls of our lovely planet.

As a child living in the UK, I remember a tire recycling yard on the edge of our picturesque village... at that age I became aware of a type of recycling and the Do Not Litter signs came about in that era..... but I had no idea then, in the idles of my childhood that within 40 years... yes I am that old..... that I would wake up every morning and watch the news stories filled with articles on dead whales full of plastic bags, global warming, glaciers melting, population dispersement due to drought or sea levels rising.... pellets of plastic in our fish supplies... animals kept in feed lots to fatten them up... writing this is giving me anxiety..... I’m left wandering what we can do.... and honestly I’m not sure I know. I’m not the marching... burning your bra, sign swinging over my head type.. although I do admire those that do... except this.... as a global population we are an enormous force.... so if each one of us makes a few changes collectively they have a massive impact.... so next time you go to the grocery store take your own bags... when the check out clerk asks you “ plastic OK...say No...I prefer paper or hand them your own bags... buy unpackaged produce... or support your local farmers and go to the farmers market... it’s actually a much nicer way to get your weekly grub... switch to cardboard containers for your milk or juice... use powdered detergent instead of big plastic containers that can’t be recycled..... plant a few trees in your yard.... you get the idea... little things go a long way to help the future of this beautiful planet 🌎 and while we are just individually not particularly meaningful , collectively we have the power of Lions.... 7.5 billion of us....

Heading to the garden.


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